Manage and Access Your Accounts with Our Secure Online Portal

The Condo Manager Website Service is a convenient way to allow your owners to access and manage their accounts with our secure online portal. This service is a tremendous value for both your company and your clients. The website portal allows you to offer a more convenient service for your clients, allowing them to view their account balance, view their ledger, and manage their contact information.

In addition to providing the convenience of on-line access, this also means reduced phone calls and emails to your office asking for simple information.

For self managed associations, the web portal is a great way to keep your owners connected and allow them to access their information 24/7. Self managed and volunteer managed associations often face unique challenges. If residents need information or have a question, it can difficult if they have to rely on a single point of contact for the community. The online portal allows them to access their account information, view upcoming community events, and receive important notices.

Your information – safe and secure

Each owner has a unique user ID and password. Companies with multiple properties can have one single sign-on portal with no association drop down lists or menus. This means you don’t have to list all of your clients for your competitors to see.

We use SSL encryption to protect data transmitted between your computer and our servers. All of our servers are protected with multiple firewalls, redundant hard drives, and off-site backups.

Set it – and forget it

Condo Manager allows you to automate the synchronization with our web servers. Set the “Web Publishing Wizard” to run daily at the time of your choice and Condo Manager will automatically push the latest information to the web servers for owners to view.


Full control – have it your way

Condo Manager allows you to control what your clients can and can’t see. Specify which financial reports are published to the web portal and control who can see them – managers only, board only, or all owners.

Have a confidential document that’s for board eyes only? No problem! When you upload a document to the portal, simply check a box to set the security privileges for that file.

Rev up your revenue

The website portal is a great way to for management companies to drive new sources of revenue. You can offer this value added technology as a convenience to your associations and increase your profit margins. Our online account portal has been proven to increase homeowner engagement, reduce the amount of delinquencies and forgotten dues payments, and improve homeowner and board member communications. Our studies show that management companies who use the website portal have higher customer satisfaction ratings and higher customer retention rates.

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