balancing work and life

Being the member of Homeowners Association Management can be a very rewarding experience that allows you to communicate daily with amazing people and do some good for the community. However, most Board members are volunteer-based and often members will have a full-time job and responsibilities outside of the Board. Members may feel overwhelmed and like they struggle to fulfill the duties of the Board as well as manage their work and life.

But the key is balance, and this article features some ways to help keep that balance for the best in stress relief and management.

Keep Personal and Work Email Separate

This may be hard, but if you don’t set up your work email at home, you’re less tempted to look at it and remind you of the office. This allows you to mentally be disconnected from work responsibilities while at home. If you really do need to be able to check your email during the weekend, you can just keep it off your phone and check it on your laptop, so it’s not as easily accessible for bothering you.

Be Aware of Your Schedule

Many people tend to be most productive if they stick to a schedule during the day and then let themselves go home and rest. Of course there will be those times you need to stay late to close up the office or finish a presentation; it will just happen sometimes. However, sticking to a general schedule of working really hard from 9 to 5 then allowing yourself to leave an enjoy the rest of your evening will help you be more productive

Drop the Perfectionist Attitude

Perfectionism can be great for paying attention to detail; however, using it a work-life balance approach for Community Association member is just destructive. It’s important to remember that those who seem to have it all together, really don’t. Keep in mind that if you got everything done that you planned to throughout the day, you would literally have no free time. You likely already stress enough about day-to-day responsibilities; give yourself and break and realize you’re doing the best you can.