Condo Manager gives you complete communication between you and your clients

Communication is key when managing associations, and Condo Manager understands that. We have integrated many tools into our software to allow complete communication between you and your clients. From work orders to billing, Condo Manager enables you to keep in touch with your team and associations with ease.


Condo Manager includes an integrated Word Processor that lets you build and design custom letters quickly and easily. When printing a letter to residents, Condo Manager can mail or email the letter based upon the homeowner’s preference. Letters can be designed for collections follow-up, violations, architectural requests, and more. In Condo Manager you have the ability to email letters, account statements, financial reports, work orders, and more. Simply pull the report you wish to send, click “Send by email” and Condo Manager will deliver the message directly from the software. Every email is logged in the recipient’s communication history for future reference. Every letter or email sent from Condo Manager is stored electronically in the Owner’s file for future retrieval. Condo Manager’s Paperless Office makes it easy for you to access information quickly.


Taking an important call from a resident or vendor? Track the notes from the phone conversation in Condo Manager with the communication tool. Condo Manager will also track how much time you spend on the phone to log the amount of hours you spend each month working with your communities. Every letter, phone call, and email can be stored in a detailed communications log that shows the date, time, recipient, user or employee, and the notes from the communication! Condo Manager also makes it easy to track which communication items are billable to your associations. With the Profitability Module you can pull a full report that shows everything you’ve done for that association. Simply mark which items are billable and export your report for easy billing! It couldn’t be any easier.