Sustainable Trends to Consider Implementing in Your HOA

HOA energy saving

With an interest in sustainability on the rise in our country, many HOAs are slowly implementing improvements that are good for the environment. There are many reasons to consider following sustainable trends. It can help attract homeowners with an interest in sustainability who care about their communities. It can also help your board to save resources and money. In addition, it can provide convenience to your board and residents, and help cut down on labor. Here are a few sustainable trends to consider implementing in your HOA this year.


Upgrading Old Properties

When the idea of sustainability was relatively new, most people did not expect older condos or homes to feature sustainable and environmentally-friendly amenities. As the trend becomes more popular, however, more and more prospective homeowners are looking for these elements  in older homes as well as they search for a home to purchase. As a result, many HOAs are looking to upgrade these older properties in between homeowners. This can be done in several ways. Energy audits can provide helpful information for your board to help find areas in the home that are leaking air. These places can be insulated to improve energy efficiency. In addition, you can upgrade with appliances that use less energy.


Making New Properties Net-Zero

Net-zero properties are homes that have been designed to create as much energy as they expend. The result is a home that barely makes a mark and saves homeowners an incredible amount of money. The good news is that as net-zero homes become more popular, they will be easier and cheaper to build. Consider making any new structures net-zero, and provide this as a unique incentive for potential buyers.


Home Automation

Home automation is a method by which devices and appliances throughout the home are connected through technology so that they can be controlled from one convenient location. Homes that are set up in this way are incredibly convenient for residents, who can control things such as lighting, heating, and cooling with a press of a button on their phones or by using voice technology. Home automation, or smart homes, are increasingly sought after by younger home buyers.


Property-Wide Energy Saving Upgrades

There are many property-wide changes that you can consider making. It may be worth the investment to make drastic changes to sprinkler systems, lighting, or the pool area in order to save money in the long run. Any changes that you make can be used in advertisement to attract new homeowners. By doing so, you will also help your association to retain homeowners as well because they will be saving more money and enjoying more convenience than competing communities.


Sustainability is an excellent way to set your community apart from the others. Investing in these trends will not only save your board and homeowners money in the long run, it will raise the quality of life in your association by making life a little more comfortable and convenient for residents.