Condo Manager addresses the unique requirements of board members and professional community managers. It is built and supported by professional association managers with years of experience in the community association industry. Keeping up with your day-to-day management activities has never been this easy. Here are just a few ways Condo Manager can help.

Homeowner Information

Condo Manager stores names, addresses, alternative mailing addresses, multiple phone numbers, and email addresses for all owners in the association. Condo Manager has the ability to use automatic alternative addresses during a specific period of time. Each owner can submit special emergency instructions such as if they will need assistance, and Condo Manager can store the information and print a report in case of emergency.. Condo Manager is a complete tracking system; it will track information on assessments and other regular charges for owners. Condo Manager even prints or emails letters and statements for homeowners. The software also gives direct access to the owner’s balance, account statement, communications, architectural history, and CC&R violations. A user can also use up to 10 custom data fields to name at their own discretion and attach any file to the fields.

Homeowner Communications

The communications tool in Condo Manager has a fully integrated word processor and email client that makes it easier to send correspondence directly from the system. One can print or email letters, account statements, and work orders directly from the Condo Manager screen. Each email or letter is archived in the recipient’s communication history for future retrieval. Mailings can be set-up automatically to print or email to the owner based on their preference. In an event of miscommunication, one can access any phone conversations with homeowners, board members, tenants, and vendors that are tracked in Condo Manager. It is recommended to include any communication histories in monthly management reports to let the board see everything that happens on a daily basis with their community. All communication items are recorded with the date, time, recipient, and sender to accurately record communication.

Service Requests and Work Orders Module

Condo Manager has specific modules that are proven to help Board members and property managers keep track of the different aspects of community management. When the community is in need of maintenance, Condo Manager’s service request and work orders module comes in handy. The user can track all incoming service requests from owners and print/email work orders directly to maintenance staff and vendors. Condo Manager can remind you to follow up on each work order to ensure the work is completed in a timely fashion.

CC&R Violations and Architectural Requests Module

The violations and architectural request module makes it easier to manage any requests that are submitted by homeowners and has the ability to track CC&R violations and send letters automatically. The user can also setup custom processes for handling different violations and record all correspondences in the owner’s communication log.

Collections Module

Condo Manager users can also track delinquent owners and manage the collections process in the specific collections module. The owner’s account will be flagged if they are on a payment plan or have been turned over for non-payment. All letters dealing with collections are stored in the owner’s communication history and each association can be customized for the different follow-up processes. Companies can also include a list of owners with outstanding balances in each monthly management report.

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