Condominium Associations

Specialized Condominium Accounting

The accounting tools of Condo Manager can be customized to fit the needs of condominium management.

  • Change assessment amounts based on ratio of ownership or unit size.
  • Create automatic special assessments.
  • Keep operating expenses separate from reserve funds.

Simplify Maintenance

Easily and efficiently track maintenance issues through the service process, from creation of service requests to completion of work orders.

  • Use email to notify vendors when requesting a quote or issuing a work order.
  • Create notifications to be alerted when a vendor’s insurance has expired.
  • Organize work orders by type of maintenance issue to find trends.
  • Easily schedule preventative maintenance to stop problems from becoming larger issues.



Homeowner Associations

Bookkeeping At Its Finest

Condo Manager is not just bookkeeping software. Yes, it has the capability to record financial transactions and takes the place of a bookkeeper, but Condo Manager can do so much more. Condo Manager is a fully accrual accounting system for condo and homeowner associations. Our software creates an easier and more effective way to manage association’s accounts receivable and payable. Condo Manager is set apart from other programs because it was created for a specific industry, by association management expert professionals.

  • Regular and special assessments
  • Payment receipts and deposit slips
  • Print all financial statements
  • Allows access to community amenities

Violations & Inspections

Condo Manager has a specific module that allows users to easily access architectural requests and covenant violations. This module keeps record of last inspections and reminds you when a property is due for inspection. Condo Manager even sets up violations letters when the time is right.

  • Reminds user of inspection
  • Creates violations and architectural requests
  • Develops custom violations for communities

Large Scale Communities

Built to manage the largest community, with ease

Each community is different and the needs vary.   Large scale communities have unique qualities that deserve unique tools.  Condo Manager has been designed to meet the needs of all type of communities including large scale.  From accounting to tracking owner communications with integrated website functions, we can help.  Condo Manager provides just the right flexibility to give you the tools you need to reduce cost, save time and increase visibility to your community’s specific data requirements.

  • Manage hard assets like clubhouses, tennis courts or pools
  • Use Utility Snap, our utility billing tool, to help distribute cost among owners
  • Open, track and taintain control over work orders
  • Manage architectural requests and enforce covenants, rules and regulations


On-The-Go Management

Managing large associations makes it necessary for community managers and board of directors to access their community at any time. Condo Manager allows management to access any documents pertaining to their community, such as ARCs, rules & regulations, work orders, and any communication recorded in the communication log. Management can even access Condo Manager on their smart phone or other forms of technology. This is truly helpful when not being able to get to the office.

  • Find specialty vendors for the property currently being checked on
  • Conduct parked vehicles and visitors
  • Always free access to owner information and key notes

Self Managed Communites