Service Requests and Work Orders

Condo Manager is a solution for community associations looking for a way to provide the best possible service to their clients. With the service request and work orders module, Condo Manager users can track all incoming service requests from owners, track requests that are approved or rejected by the associations, and easily print or email work orders directly to maintenance staff or vendors. After sending the work order, one can follow-up on each work order to ensure it is completed in a timely fashion. It is recommended to include service requests and work order histories with the Monthly Report, which can happen automatically.



Utility Billing

Keeping up with utility billings is a full-time job in and of itself. This is why we gave Condo Manager the ability to set up as many utility types as needed for the associations, as well as set up flat charges, fees per day or period, variable fees based on consumption. With Condo Manager, one can use any device to record the meter readings and export a file that contains owners’ information and a place to record the readings. This is extremely helpful when importing files from other utility providers so that users don’t have to capture the information their self. Users can produce and print or email automatically preformatted invoices for utilities, while keeping a full history of all utility billings with all details.

Payment Processing

Condo Manager makes it easier to process the thousands of payments received in a day by generating direct payment (ACH) files to be uploaded to the bank. Condo Manager also imports lockbox files from any bank, which can be global for multi-association processing. Our company works directly with the clients’ bank of choice to ensure their files import correctly. Each owner’s account is automatically updated in Condo Manager to save you time on data entry


Violation Tracking

Condo Manager will track architectural change requests from owners and follow-up for approval, leaving mangers with fewer steps. The software will include CC&R article numbers and text for easy reproduction in violation letters. Condo Manager will also define what should be done by the owner to correct violations and determine what steps should be taken by the association to correct the situation. Use the letter templates included with Condo Manager or build your own with our word processor and automatic mail merge. A user can simply add reminders to Condo Manager’s “To Do” list for follow-up so nothing gets forgotten. Just like every other module, each letter is saved in the recipient’s Communication History for records. Condo Manager will also print tracking reports that include drive-thru inspection lists and detailed or summary reports, which can be automatically included in the monthly management report for the community.


Profitability Analyzer

When working hard all day, the last thing on a user’s mind is figuring how much time is spent with each association. Condo Manager keeps a record of the time spent on the phone with homeowners, vendors, and board members. This is shown to users through printable pie charts. The Profitability Analyzer will show how many accounting transactions were passed (checks written, payments received, invoices entered, etc) and the time spent writing letters and sending emails from Condo Manager. Condo Manager users can also print a task list to show the number of activities completed in a given time period and a Profitability Report that shows how much time spent with the association.


Collection Follow-up

The collection process can be challenging and should be very delicate when managing communities. With Condo Manager, one can easily track and follow-up with delinquent owners and all communication will automatically save in the communication history. Owners can be selected by number of days late, balance, or percent of regular assessments due. The software will define how the collection process should work and provides custom letter templates that are sent with each step. The user can always use the templates provided with Condo Manager or design their own with the integrated word processor. Condo Manager also defines the fees that are charged to the owner with each step in the process, which can determine at which step you should stop accepting payment for the owner and turn them over to an attorney or collection agency.

Optional Module HOA Management