HOA Software for Management Companies

Set-up Has Never Been Easier

Condo Manager merges power and simplicity into one easy to use product, backed by a fully equipped support team. With step-by-step assistance, easily set-up communities with the ability to copy key information across the platform. Simple menus and a user-friendly interface make it easy to use.

  • Use practice community data to learn the system.
  • Learn more quickly with individualized and online training.
Accounting Made Simple

No previous accounting experience is necessary to utilize the financial aspects of Condo Manager. Accounting is made simple with a user-friendly interface that allows you to manage more accounts with less time and staff.

  • Fully integrated accrual accounting system.
  • General ledger is defined by the user.
  • Automated payable and receivable processing saves time and reduces workload.

Mid-size HOA Management Companies

Cover All Aspects of Community Management

With Condo Manager, all staff members can do their jobs more effectively. From covenant enforcement to financials, owner management to communication, the integrated platform allows all members of the team to excel at the specific aspects of their individual positions.

  • Manage any size portfolio with a single platform.
  • Accounting and management functions are completely integrated.
  • Improve transparency with across portfolio reports.
Keep Clients Happy

With a single platform created to automate and reduce administrative work, staff members can focus on working with and retaining clients.

Large Management Companies

Stay Competitive with Condo Manager

Condo Manager was designed by a community management company to keep up with a competitive market. This experience has allowed us to create tools to suit all your needs. With features created to not only save time but be more efficient, time saved can be spent on expanding portfolios and increasing margins.

  • Send correspondence via mail or email.
  • Fully integrated accrual accounting system.
  • Condo Manager Live provides 24/7 online access using a computer or tablet.
Make Your Staff More Efficient

We understand a company’s success is reliant on a good staff.  The efficiency promoting tools of Condo Manager allow accounting and management staff to be more productive.

  • Automated payable and receivable processing saves time and reduces workload.
  • Save managers time and headache with simplified violations tracking and management.