Remote Full-Service HOA Accounting Software

General accounting has never been easier than with Condo Manager. Create transaction groups for automated or one-click processing of regular and special assessments and more, or use the Transaction Wizard for rare, non-automated transactions. Easily modify or reverse transactions with complete audit trails. Condo Manager can automatically calculate late fees and interest, taking the headache out of past due assessments. Enter supplier invoices and print checks in a few simple steps.

Bank Reconciliation

With our complete bank reconciliation system, keep a check register for an unlimited number of bank accounts, then reconcile with the guided wizard. Bank fees and interest can be entered directly from the reconcile screen, eliminating any extra steps. Bank statements can be scanned and attached to be included automatically with monthly reports and a full history of bank reconciliations is kept.

Monthly Reports

Quickly and easily create an all-in-one monthly report featuring all financial statements and accounts receivable/payable reports. Each association can have a custom cover page and the full report can be exported to PDF or emailed directly to board members.

Remote HOA Budget Planning

Establish annual budgets effortlessly with the Excel-like grid. Simply input information and Condo Manager will calculate all totals and differences as soon as amounts are recorded. Share the annual amount over 12 months or distribute as you see fit. Budgets can then be exported to PDF with or without account numbers for homeowners, or to Excel to do cash flow simulations.