Condo Manager Tips – Budgets

Condo Manager Tips – Budgets


It’s that time of year again – for falling leaves and pumpkin pie, and HOA budgets. For volunteer board members and property managers alike, creating an association budget around the holidays can be a tough endeavor. With these tips and tricks, Condo Manager can make it easy.

– If your 2015 budget will be the same as your 2014 budget, or only have minor changes, you can import the 2014 budget instantly into 2015! Select to view the next year’s budget, and then click the option to copy the current year budget in the next year budget. This automatically ports the current years’ numbers and repartitions.

– Want to group different revenues or expenses together on your budget? The custom arrangements from the revenue and expense statement carry over! Select the arrangement you’d like to view below the budget options. If you haven’t set any arrangements for the revenue and expense sheet yet, you can do so by opening the report and selecting create or modify arrangement. Collapse detailed arrangements into group totals with level view.

– For line items that are the same each month, enter the total year amount, then select monthly repartition for the line, or the entire budget for auto fill.

– Repartition also works backwards – reset one line or the entire budget.

– Pumpkin pie charts: Use chart view to view revenues or expenses as pie charts!

– Easily export the budget to Excel or PDF with multiple exportation and printing options.

Happy beginning of the holiday season, and happy budgeting!