Automate Your Routine with Condo Manager

Managing an association (or multiple associations) can be hard work, so why work so hard fighting with your software? Condo Manager is designed to automate many of your routine, manual processes. This helps you focus on what truly matters – your clients.


Condo Manager makes it easy to optimize your accounts receivable process. Integrate Lockbox and ACH Draft functions with any bank of your choice. Allow owners to pay their dues online with a credit card or echeck payment. Have a check scanner with remote deposit for your bank? Condo Manager can download payment files directly into your system, virtually eliminating manual entries for receiving owner payments. With a compatible laser printer and MICR toner, you can print checks directly from Condo Manager for any association and their bank. There’s no need to keep separate check stock for your associations. When processing invoices, you can cut checks in a batch and pay bills for all associations all at once.


A lifesaver for any portfolio manager. Let Condo Manager handle routine tasks for you – invoicing assessments, printing account statements, generate reports, and more. Schedule a task or a series of tasks to run and Condo Manager will execute them for you. Create custom monthly reports for each board. You can also have multiple report layouts and styles for each association. Create a ‘default layout’ for your monthly report and Condo Manager can pull the report for every association automatically. Create a set of follow-up guidelines for violations and collections for each community. Condo Manager will automatically generate any fines and warning letters and record it in the owner’s communication history.


Complete HOA Management Automation