How Communication Tools Can Save Your HOA

communication tools for home owners associations

At Condo Manager, we know the importance of having excellent communication in regards to the success of a homeowners association. Although it can be something that is easily overlooked, with our years of experience in running and managing associations, it’s a non-negotiable with our clients. 


How HOA Communication Tools Help

One of the most critical ways that communication tools work for an HOA is by keeping members and future members informed. Having excellent communication shows new owners in the community that the association is active and aware. By keeping the information flowing to the community, it will instill trust and set the HOA as a good source of knowledge. 


There are a few different ways that using communication can help the success of an HOA, and we are going to cover a few tips and tricks below. 


Helps Inform Potential Buyers

As potential buyers are going through the community, a good HOA will already have their presence known. A new buyer will know that the association is active and already reaching out to them as not only a community member but a potential buyer that would be joining the community. 


One of the best ways to do this is by having a brochure or informational packet available for buyers. Ensuring the information contained in the booklet or packet meets and relays any state requirement of the HOA is crucial to keep both existing members and potential buyers well informed. 


HOA Welcome Letters is a Great Communication Option

Having a welcome letter that will be given to a new buyer will help continue and set the HOA as an ally for the community members. In the letter, there can be a brief statement about what the association does for the community. This is also a great place to introduce the management company and assistant manager to the new buyer. 


Other information that can be included in the HOA welcome letter includes when association membership dues are supposed to be paid, along with a map of the community and facilities. Having this will keep new members informed and show that the association is active and aware of new buyers. 


HOA Member Meetings and Reports

Another crucial aspect of HOA communication is keeping members informed of when there are member meetings, along with quarterly or annual reports. A great thing to include is a type of recap of any accomplishments the association had in the past year or any big news in the community. 


HOA Newsletters, Website, and Social Activities

Having an association newsletter and/or website is another way that an HOA can stay connected to the community and keep residents aware of any news. Having social activities for the community is another excellent way for community members to meet and keep people active. 


One way that many HOAs have realized they can keep members informed and active is having a dedicated website for the association. This can streamline information and help keep people connected and informed. 


Want to learn more about how Condo Manager can help your community stay up to date and informed about what’s happening in the community, needs, and updated information. Contact us today, and we can show you how having the best HOA communication practices can help you. Talk to you soon!