Work Orders/Accounts Payable

It is important to maintain a good relationship with your vendors. Reliable vendors can benefit management companies for years. But how do keep this relationship strong? Vendor relations can be strained when you have unorganized documentation. Outdated documentation systems like filing cabinets or that stack of receipts on your desk is the quickest way to lose a vendor. Whether it’s caused by a missed payment, filing error, or you literally lost them because you cannot find their contact information. Whatever system you were implementing in the past can be simplified by the extensive features provided by the Condo Manager software.

Where’s My Vendor?

The Condo Manager software allows you to keep track of every vendor you research and stores them for future use. They can be sorted by the type of work they do, simplifying your search for your specific job. Entering contact info, comments, and quotes will help you keep track of everything you need to know about the vendor. For example, if a previous vendor becomes out of your price range in the future, you can compare their quotes with the other companies entered into the database. This will save you time searching through hundreds of new vendors. It is better way to find the right vendor for you instead of sifting through the thousands of emails or tedious web searches. All of your vendors are just a few clicks away.

Keep in Contact

A problem that management companies often run into is creating countless individual messages to send to vendors. It can seem like a waste of time especially when you do not receive a response. The vendor tracking feature will allow you to create messages and send them to the vendors in your database without having to contact them individually. Your messages will be tracked as well making a more efficient communication system. Along with vendor communication, you can send out information across all of your managed associations.

Cut the Check

As stated earlier, vendor relations are very important to your association management company. The most important way to retain a vendor is to pay them! As easy as it may seem, with an unorganized data system paying vendors could be difficult. Especially when information is lost. With Condo Manager you are able to cut the check directly from the database. With just a few clicks and you can create an invoice, issue the payment, and print out the check. You can also save paper by printing one check for multiple invoices. You are not only going keep your vendor relationship but save some trees at the same time. This software is compatible with online payments instead of cutting checks to avoid the paper cuts. The Condo Manager software streamlines all payment, reporting, and communication  to vendors and residents for an easier way to manage an HOA.

The Benefits of Organized Property Work Orders

Successfully managing a homeowners association is dependent on the little details. The more thorough you are with information and organization the easier it will be. The features provided by the Condo Manager software will allow you to keep detailed information more accessible. Residents and board members will be more informed, choosing a vendor becomes less of a hassle, and you will be more organized. Why work harder when you can work smarter; Condo Manager makes association management effortless. You can request a demo or give Condo Manager a call at (800)-626-1267.