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5 Ways The Condo Manager Software Improves HOA Communication

Communication in homeowners associations is crucial for success. However, with so many tasks and responsibilities, it can be easy to forget appointments, misplace paperwork, or lose track of conversations — leading to communication breakdowns between homeowners, board members, and their association managers. Condo Manager software improves HOA communication so you can enjoy more seamless and…

line of credit | hoa loans

Frequently Asked Questions On HOA Loans

When faced with unexpected expenses or necessary repairs, not all homeowners have funded reserves or the capacity to levy special assessments. Instead, they will take out a loan. HOA loans require adequate planning and understanding the intricacies of association loans can increase your chances of approval as well as help you get the best rates.…

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What Do HOA Board of Directors Do For A Community?

A successful homeowners association requires a strong board of directors. It’s important to have HOA board members who can fulfill their roles and responsibilities to the community. Here’s what homeowners should expect from their HOA board of directors.   HOA Board of Directors: An Overview of Their Roles and Responsibilities An HOA board is comprised…

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How To Prevent Homeowners Association Fraud

Homeowners association fraud or embezzlement can happen anytime, anywhere, and anyone — even to the closest, tight-knit communities. If you want to safeguard the financial health of your community, consider these strategies to prevent HOA fraud.   Most Common Types of HOA Fraud to Look Out For HOAs are run by a handful of people,…