hoa fines

HOA Fines: Frequently Asked Questions

It is not uncommon for homeowners to have to pay HOA fines when they have committed a violation of the rules. Many homeowners, though, have unanswered questions about fines in an HOA community.   Frequently Asked Questions on HOA Fines Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about homeowners association fines.   What…

homeowner be an hoa manager

Can A Homeowner Be An HOA Manager?

Can a homeowner be an HOA manager without the association running into problems? While it may seem like an easy job, an HOA manager juggles several different responsibilities. And not all associations want the potential conflict of interest that may arise from a homeowner-slash-manager.   Can a Homeowner Be an HOA Manager? Homeowners associations come…

covenant revitalization

Does Your HOA Need Covenant Revitalization?

Homeowners associations in many states will have to go through covenant revitalization at one point or another. It is important for board members to familiarize themselves with this process to avoid lapses in authority.   Covenant Revitalization: Do HOA Covenants Expire? An HOA covenant is essentially a contract or agreement that homeowners associations enter into…