hoa lien

What Is An HOA Lien? What Does It Mean?

It is important for homeowners associations to utilize collection actions when members default on their dues and assessments. This is where an HOA lien on the property comes in handy.   What Is an HOA Lien? Homeowners associations operate using a membership format. When someone buys a house in an HOA community, that person automatically…

hoa budget template

What Should An HOA Budget Template Have?

Every homeowners association relies on a carefully crafted budget for its yearly expenses. But, what does an HOA budget template look like? And what should it include?   What Is an HOA Budget Template? Why Is It Important? Homeowners associations operate on an annual budget usually prepared by the HOA board or the budget committee.…

hoa general ledger

HOA General Ledger: How Important Is It?

An HOA general ledger is a valuable tool for tracking and measuring your association’s finances. But, many HOAs simply don’t realize how important this financial report is.   What Is an HOA General Ledger? The general ledger is the prime repository of a homeowners association’s financial data. It serves as the association’s ongoing record of…