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HOA Billing and Payment Processing Made Easier With HOA Software

Managing a condo or homeowners association is very time-consuming. Board members must be able to balance complex responsibilities including accounting, billing, and payment processing. Thankfully, there are HOA software programs that automate a lot of these responsibilities — resulting in more efficient day-to-day operations. If you’re interested in HOA billing and payment processing software, here’s…

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Management Software For Self-Managed HOAs: How Can It Help?

Many homeowners associations across the country choose self-management over hiring professional services. This can prove difficult as the association grows bigger and more tasks start piling up. If that situation sounds all too familiar to you, consider getting software for self-managed HOA communities.   Benefits of Software for Self-Managed HOA Communities It is easy to…


HOA Fees: The Basics

One of the biggest ongoing costs of owning a home is the monthly HOA fees you have to pay. When it comes to these fees, many prospective and current homeowners will be left with some questions? How much does the average homeowner pay in HOA fees? Where does the money go, and how does it…


How to Plan Your Next HOA Board Meeting

The goal of your HOA should be to protect your community members’ investments and properly maintain your neighborhood or subdivision. HOA’s are vital organizations, but oftentimes, they do not run as well as they could or implement rules that are confusing or ineffective. It is easy for an HOA to waste time or precious resources,…