HOA Fees: The Basics

One of the biggest ongoing costs of owning a home is the monthly HOA fees you have to pay. When it comes to these fees, many prospective and current homeowners will be left with some questions? How much does the average homeowner pay in HOA fees? Where does the money go, and how does it…


How to Plan Your Next HOA Board Meeting

The goal of your HOA should be to protect your community members’ investments and properly maintain your neighborhood or subdivision. HOA’s are vital organizations, but oftentimes, they do not run as well as they could or implement rules that are confusing or ineffective. It is easy for an HOA to waste time or precious resources,…


Understanding HOA Management Company Costs

Although most people may not realize it, once a homeowners association and community become large enough, it is common for the HOA to hire a management company to oversee the details. Sure, there are plenty of HOA’s that don’t use an HOA management company, others see the benefit of handing-off these vital tasks. When deciding…

communication tools for home owners associations

How Communication Tools Can Save Your HOA

At Condo Manager, we know the importance of having excellent communication in regards to the success of a homeowners association. Although it can be something that is easily overlooked, with our years of experience in running and managing associations, it’s a non-negotiable with our clients.    How HOA Communication Tools Help One of the most…

financial statement

Condo Board Accrual Accounting

When it comes time to track the financial statements of your condo board, it will have to be decided what method is going to be used. For many HOA and condo management teams, accrual accounting is the best option. When it comes time for a condo board to make the decision, having the right information…

form 1120-h

What You Need to Know About Form 1120-h

The IRS treats homeowners associations (HOAs) and condominium associations (COAs) as corporations, regardless of whether they are residential or commercial. This means they are required to file a federal income tax return. In some states, these associations are also expected to submit a state tax return. Note that the requirement to file returns doesn’t necessarily…