Should You Be Aware Of Super Liens?

Should You be Aware of super Liens? Having a lien placed on your home is never pleasant, but when a super lien is placed, it seems unbearable. A lien automatically attaches to a property when the owner hasn’t paid the monthly fees or assessments for their homeowners association. A super lien is a much higher…

Have an HOA Election on the Horizon?

How Condo Manager Makes Board Elections Manageable Condo Manager was built by professionals with experience in the association management industry. Our extensive background helps us craft our software to automate as many management tasks as possible. This includes making elections for an association’s Board of Directors as painless as possible. Our software contains all the…

Want to Keep Assessments Low?

What to keep Assessments Low?   The fees homeowners pay to a homeowners association is determined by the maintenance and management expenses. Every homeowner can simply do their part to keep the dues down and their community to look inviting. The first step to lower assessment levels is to pay the annual fee. When a…

HOA Management in the Cloud

HOA Management in the Cloud


You may have heard a lot of chatter about “The Cloud” over the past few year or so. Perhaps you’ve heard how it’s changing the way we work and share information. In plain English, cloud computing utilizes “virtual servers” to share and store data.

Condo Manager LIVE, our cloud-based association management software, is helping community association managers and volunteers across the nation.

Need More Time? Automation Can Make Life Easier

Need More Time? Automation Can Make Life Easier   At Condo Manager, we receive frequent calls from community associations and HOA management companies that are looking to switch or upgrade software systems. Much of the time, these calls are from organizations that are using generic software systems. In other words, software that was not designed…

Communication is Key

Communication is key


When managing a community association (or several associations), maintaining an open and direct line of communication could not be more critical. If you’ve ever answered a call from an upset homeowner and did not have the slightest clue as to why they were so upset, you can probably attest to this fact.

The Built-In Security Features of Condo Manager

Te Built-In Security Features of Condo manager


How important is security to you? At Condo Manager, we believe that keeping homeowners’ personal data secure is an extremely important aspect of community management. This is especially true for the digital age in which we live, where it seems like almost anything (even the CIA) can be “hacked”.

5 Ways to Increase Efficiency

We realize that managing one or many communities is simultaneously a challenging and rewarding task. At Condo Manager, our mission is to make life easier for community association members and HOA management companies. Part of ‘making life easier’ means accomplishing more with less.