Complete Automation

Condo Manager is designed to automate many of your routine and manual processes.  From accounting transactions to website updates, we have built in tools to give you ease of mind and reduce time and stress from day-to-day management functions.

Full Accounting

Condo Manager is built for HOA accounting and financial management. It is a true accrual accounting system for HOAs, condos, townhomes, master planned communities, and commercial associations. Our software makes it easier than ever to manage the association’s accounting process and produce amazing, high-quality reports.


Full Customization

With Condo Manager’s customization options we can modify the way our solutions work for you and your company. Being different is what makes you special and the tools you use should work for you! Condo Manager allows for this special customization to ensure you work the solution, the solution does not work you.


Total Communication

Communication is key when managing community associations. Condo Manager has integrated many tools that allow you to track and report communication history between you and your clients. It gives your staff and board members a 360-degree view of every account and the history that goes with it. Communication past and future – we have you covered!

Condo Manager is ready to drive results for you.

HOA and Condo Software Has Evolved.

Condo Manager is a full HOA management solution for property managers and self managed associations. Our software is designed to help make your day-to-day management easier.

Condo Manager can be used to manage one association or hundreds. We provide a paperless system that brings your HOA property management services together in one user-friendly solution. You can get accurate financials, access owner information, track CC&R violations, follow-up on maintenance issues, and so much more.

Whether you manage a single association or have hundreds of communities in your portfolio, Condo Manager can provide the tools you need for success.

Management Companies

From a start-up to a well established, large company and everything in between.  Condo Manager can power your company with automation, increased profitability, and integrated tools that drive results for existing clients and will “wow” potential associations. No matter the number of units or associations, we have a custom solution built for you.

Self-Managed Communities

We can help any type or size of association. From a high rise to a single family residential community, Condo Manager delivers. It creates beautiful and easy to read and understand financial and community reports. It also allows a clear path towards continuity as the Board of Directors and staff members change over time. Let us show you how self-management can be efficient and less time consuming.

Condo Manager is a true accrual accounting system for condo and homeowner associations. Our software makes it easier than ever to manage the association’s accounts receivable and payable. Here are just a few reasons why Condo Manager is the most powerful accounting software for homeowners associations.

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Why Condo Manager

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[dt_benefit title=”Powerful Tools, Simple to Use” image=”/images/con01.png” hd_image=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/con001.png” header_size=”h4″ content_size=”normal”]Condo Manager offers a unified technology driven platform that anyone can use. Full financial management is the foundation on which our solution is built. You can manage everything from annual meeting notices, work orders, covenant enforcement, and even track parking space numbers. Powerful and simple to use, it is easy to get set up and on your way to a better overall management process.[/dt_benefit]

[dt_benefit title=”On the go? We are with you” image=”/images/con02.png” hd_image=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/con002.png” header_size=”h4″ content_size=”normal”]Either solution we offer can be built on a platform that will allow you access from any place at any time. Smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop – in or out of your office – we are with you. Having your data is not a nice feature, it’s a necessary one, and we get it. Condo Manager is ready to go with you.[/dt_benefit]

[dt_benefit title=”Easy to read and understand” image=”/images/con03.png” hd_image=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/con003.png” header_size=”h4″ content_size=”normal”]Our reporting functions include over 300 custom reports. From financial management to accounts receivable, our accounting reports are a snap to create and easy for board members to understand. We help you provide clear and accurate financial reports that are attractive and a breeze to grasp for any board member you may serve.[/dt_benefit]

[dt_benefit title=”Time and Money – Want more? ” image=”/images/con004.png” hd_image=”/images/con004.png” header_size=”h4″ content_size=”normal”]“You can always create more money, but time is another thing.” We understand, but time is money, right? Our solutions help drive efficiency. These efficiencies lead to more work and reduced cost. We even help you track your productivity and cost with our industry leading Profitability Module. You won’t believe the tools we give you to better understand your cost and staffing resources. Saving time and helping you make more money, we can’t wait to show you how we deliver with Condo Manager.[/dt_benefit]

[dt_benefit title=”Paper – Be gone!” image=”/images/con05.png” hd_image=”/images/con05.png” header_size=”h4″ content_size=”normal”]Who needs more paper? With Condo Manager we make going “green” painless. Our system allows you to have all documentation for your associations accessible with a single click. From a power bill to a homeowner architectural request, it’s as easy as click and view. You can even share these documents with others just as easy. So get ready to be “green” and kiss the paper goodbye.[/dt_benefit]

[dt_benefit title=”Collections – From Painless to Profitable ” image=”/images/con06.png” hd_image=”/images/con06.png” header_size=”h4″ content_size=”normal”]Delinquent assessments can be a real pain. Tracking, following up, and the management of this process can take more time and resources than you might imagine. Our solution driven “Collect-Drive” automation process not only reduces the time spent with the management of collections, it can help drive additional profit for your management company. Drive results for your associations with Condo Manager and our collections tool.

Client Testimonials

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